Current Leadership

Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Nara Chandrababu Naidu currently spearheads the TDP as its President. Mr Naidu is a sagacious visionary leader, who has accumulated significant experience and equity during his political journey and has an insatiable desire to contribute to society as a change agent and a responsible citizen. 

He is an ardent believer of knowledge economy principles and their strict implementation for the overall development of society. He was the first Indian politician who believed that ‘the best politics is to provide the best governance with the best socioeconomic policies.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu A well-known political leader

Chandrababu Naidu’s Vision & Thinking

Chandrababu Naidu is a visionary and democratic thought leader. He is way ahead of his time with his vision and actions. He often visualises what no one else sees, finding potential and opportunity in times of crisis or change. In rallying the State behind his vision and goals, he empowers government machinery and people and sets them free to innovate, experiment, and take calculated risks to envisage pioneering new possibilities.

Mr Naidu reckons TDP is a proactive attempt to address several critical problems confronting the State and nation, especially in agricultural production, water management, education, health, energy, transportation, industrial development and environment, among others, by offering affordable solutions with appropriate implementation strategies. 


It is a truism that inequalities exist in the distribution of wealth and resources despite technological and economic growth. India, for instance, is on an exponential growth path, which could throw up challenges. Any amount of under-preparedness to face them could result in unmanageable crises. Therefore, Chandrababu Naidu advocates cross-thematic national-level discussions and collaborative actions to determine effective policies and strategies to combat the growing rich-poor divide.

In addition, TDP aims to develop actionable policies to avoid irreversible and far-reaching damage to the world due to climate change.

The Prime Movers

Glocal leader.Nara Chandrababu Naidu

TDP is led by a team of proven leaders, intellectuals, farmers, industrialists, academicians, technocrats and other professionals from various walks of life. The massive intellectual capital is utilized to positively impact multiple levels, such as local, regional, and global, in various functional areas.

TDP strives to emerge as the focal point for all intellectual, economic, and sustainable transformation-driven discussions amongst all the stakeholders–transcending demographic, social, and linguistic barriers.

The Party focuses on various verticals, which are the core of the organization’s activities for the holistic development of the State, such as Welfare, Entrepreneurship, Governance, Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Skilling, among others.

Technology Promotion

Nara Chandrababu Naidu wishes to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics, Blockchain technology, amongst others while embarking on knowledge, technology, and entrepreneurship and their convergence for the expeditious economic surge of the State. 

While developing and implementing appropriate technologies to harness the benefits of Science and Technology, the Party strives to address several critical problems confronting the country and State in agriculture, education, health, water management, transportation, Industrial development, and environmental rejuvenation.  

Technology Promotion

TDP endeavours to promote social development and inclusive growth to improve every citizen’s living conditions and quality of life by initiating social harmony and creating equal social and economic opportunities. The Party aims to achieve it by investing in people with a focus on human capital, social capital, employment generation, and empowerment of marginalized groups, including women and minorities, to achieve the bigger objective of creating a sustainable society worthy of human dignity.

Promote Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

Encourage young entrepreneurs to set up start-ups by creating a conducive environment and providing appropriate entrepreneurship education, mentoring, and scaling up skills to unleash human ingenuity, enable competitive enterprises, and create sustainable jobs. 

Promote Social Entrepreneurship

In partnership with technology institutes, the TDP intends to offer innovative solutions to social, cultural, or environmental problems which are not working efficiently in the current system or have outlived their utility. Entrepreneurs will be nurtured and motivated to solve the issues by creating awareness among the people to be a part of the change they set out to make.

Monitoring & Real-time data

Besides offering and implementing actionable policies and schemes for the welfare of the communities, an appropriate monitoring mechanism with real-time data is key to hastening the process of desired development and delivery.

Policy and Advocacy

Realizing the importance of policy and advocacy, the Party participates in policy deliberations within and outside, related to good governance that results in framing appropriate rules, norms, and actions, for the accelerated growth and development of the State and the nation to improve community life, solving the severe problems of quality of life, economic equity, social justice, and resource availability.

Combat Climate Change

To focus and strive to develop workable policies to stop irreversible and far-reaching damage because of environmental degradation, such as pollution and resultant climate change and loss of biodiversity, which threaten humanity’s survival.

Enabling Platform

The larger mandate of the Party is to ensure inclusive development and an overall improvement in the social and economic indices of the State and country. In order to achieve this, the organization provides a focused and robust forum by establishing partnerships with national and international think tanks to organize seminars, workshops, and conferences on a variety of issues, including industrial promotion, agricultural development, urban and rural governance, human welfare, health, education, gender, and emerging technologies and other contemporary issues of socioeconomic importance.